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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are our operating hours?

08H00 - 17H00 Monday to Friday excl. Public holidays

How is PartServe equipping themselves to be Covid-19 compliant in terms of social distancing and reducing infection risk?

We have put sanitization stations in place at each branch and the 2M social distancing rule remains in place. All staff are wearing masks and face shields and all counters have sneeze shields between staff and customers. You will be asked to practice social distancing in our branches. 2 Meters Apart Please.

Do we accept repairs and process orders for parts and refurb machines during this time?

Yes, this is the reason we are open to support Essential services, higher education and our working from home consumers.

Is PartServe seen as an essential service provider/product supplier?

PartServe is definitely an essential service provider supporting all other Essential service providers to keep their IT products working as well as supporting consumers working from home.

Am i able to drive out to any of the PartServe branches currently open?

You would have to comply with and apply the restrictions imposed by government regarding travel limitations. We are here and available if you are able to get to us.

Are we providing a delivery service during the lockdown period?

Deliveries can only be arranged upon receipt of an essential service provider certificate.

How can i purchase a laptop or printer or any other essential products from PartServe?

You can contact our sales team on 0861 727 727 or send our sales team an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.