At PartServe, we are an authorised Lenovo spare parts distributor for South Africa and we specialize in providing genuine and authentic Lenovo parts to our customers with no hassles. We specialize in Lenovo PC and laptop repairs and spares as well as Lenovo Mobile repairs and spares . We also provide our customers with other genuine Lenovo parts such as batteries, hard disk drives, keyboards and various other spare parts - all while providing our customers with the best experience possible as well as the best deals on our Lenovo products.


PartServe carries an extensive range of genuine Lenovo parts on hand - such as:
  • Lenovo Hard Drives
  • Lenovo Batteries
  • Lenovo Screens
  • Lenovo Keyboards
  • Lenovo Processors
  • Lenovo MotherBoards
  • Lenovo Notebook Parts & Spares
  • Lenovo Desktop Parts & Spares
  • Lenovo Mobile 7 Tablet Parts
  • Lenovo Power Supply / AC Adapter 
  • And 1000’s of other replacement Lenovo parts!