PartServe offers warranty services for the following brands:


Our all-encompassing warranty program has many different offerings which can be included or excluded depending on Vendor requirement

  • A Pre-sale and Warranty Support Helpdesk

    PartServe currently runs helpdesk and call centre services, where technical help is offered to customers across the product spectrum we service. From reloading operating systems, fixing networking problems, to updating Bios settings or just installing an external device, we have the team to help make sure customers gain maximum use from their product.
  • Centralised refurbishment and storage facilities.

    PartServe currently does the refurbishment of all Epson, Sony Playstation, Canon and Zebra products in South Africa which is used for warranty exchange. Products include Printers, Digital cameras, projectors, gaming consoles and terminals. All refurbished product is stored and exchanged from our central locations in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth. As well as through our network of Partners offering services on our behalf.
  • Depot and Onsite Product repairs

    Through our large service footprint we are able to offer depot repairs as well as onsite services for all the product we support.
  • Proactive Customer services

    PartServe realises that the biggest part of any repair is the management of the customer. In order to manage this PartServe has a team of 20 customer services staff located through our regions who proactively call, email and SMS customers to update them on the status of their repair. In addition, a full online job tracking service is offered where a customer can logon to our system and see the current status of a repair as well as communicate with our team.
  • Outsourced regional warranty centre management.

    Currently PartServe makes use of 34 outsourced warranty centres throughout Africa. PartServe has a customisable online platform to manage all warranty centres engaged for a specific vendors services. A vendor can overnight have a geographic footprint covering Africa. There is no complication with managing or paying multiple service providers as PartServe does this all for you and produces a single bill for all services through all of Africa once a month.
  • Extended warranty offerings

    Where a vendor has an extended warranty offering that needs to be offered independently of their product distributors. PartServe has the solution either using the vendors own products or developing and underwriting a PartServe extended warranty that is distributed through our e-commerce platform customised specifically for that vendor.
  • DOA and CPA credit unit management

    A full web platform is available and customisable for any of our vendors. The distributors are able to logon to this platform and report on all DOA and CPA product that needs to be credited back to them, detailing reasons, landed costs and more. These products are returned to PartServe for validation as a DOA or CPA claim and validated against the claim raised by the distributor to enable the Vendor to check credited product has been returned and accounted for prior to raising a credit.
  • Recalls or product upgrades prior to sale

    PartServe has the resources and ability to handle large volume upgrades or updates when a product has been determined to have a problem before sale. Where a product needs to be unpacked, upgraded and repacked back to new condition and ready for sale into the channel. PartServe has the skills and equipment to handle large volumes of product upgrades.
  • Recycling projects

    Should a vendor have a requirement for the disposal of old devices or consumable parts in an environmentally friendly fashion. PartServe runs a full recycling program including delivery of collection boxes, collection of boxes filled with product to be recycled as well as disposal of these products and obtaining a recycling certificate stating that the product has been disposed according to IS014000 standards
  • Other services

    In addition to the warranty services listed above PartServe offers short term contract staff for any vendor program. Where a vendor does not have people to facilitate a specific project PartServe will source and screen potential staff to be made available to the vendor on both short and long-term projects.


 Please Take Note:

When booking a unit in, please make sure that all the relevant cables (power supply, charging cable etc.) for that unit is included and booked in with the unit.