Asset Recovery and Disposal

When a company does a technology refresh of their IT equipment, there is always the problem of how to recover the asset value of the old equipment and to find a way of disposing of this equipment quickly and effectively.
PartServe Corporate Asset Disposal offers two solutions for the disposal of this equipment:

  • Fixed Price Buy Back - Based upon a fair market value of IT Equipment, a negotiated set price is established. Upon receipt and inspection of equipment, a report of any defects is issued. Payment will commence 30 days after receiving a statement of invoice. PartServe absorbs the inventory risk during the sale cycle.
  • Shared Revenue Sale - Let PartServe take the disposal burden off your shoulders by handling your inventory and verifying its specifications. Product is sorted and tested to verify functionality and specifications are confirmed. If product has value in the marketplace, it will be sold at fair market value and a negotiated percentage of the proceeds will be returned to you upon completion of the sale. If there is no value, then the product is scrapped and disposed of.

PartServe Corporate Asset Disposal offers a complete service where all products including old scrap IT assets will be removed and disposed. All re-marketable products will be paid for. For equipment greater than 50 units we will collect free of charge within a 100km radius of our branch. All products that are not recovered for resale are disposed of on your behalf according to the environmentally friendly IS014000 standards. PartServe Corporate Asset Disposal is a member of the e-Waste Association of South Africa and supports Sustainable Computing.

Additional Services

Additional on-site services are available on request, which are as follows:

  • Environmentally safe disposal of non-marketable assets, a certificate of destruction will be issued for each unit that provides indemnification for you against liability.
  • Asset Testing and auditing, PartServe will test assets to verify functionality and confirm specifications.
  • Hard Disc Data Wiping, data is cleansed via a triple data overwriting process - for the destruction of any remains of sensitive data to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Packing and Transportation, PartServe can arrange to collect and transport your packed equipment from anywhere in South Africa.

The Process


Upon receipt in our inventory system we sort the equipment into two categories:

  1. Functional - these items will be wiped, certified as wiped and then refurbished and remarketed.
  2. Scrap - these items will be disassembled and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. Note that hard drives will be shredded prior to being sent off for recycling.


During refurbishment assets are tested, cleaned and packed. All asset tags, passwords, customer labels and data are removed during the refurbishment process to ensure that customer information remains confidential.


Items that have been refurbished are sold. PartServe supplies a brand new warranty with any item sold. We market refurbished items to our extensive database of dealers.

Asset tracking

PartServe can provide reports on the following:

  • Units received
  • Units scrapped
  • Units sold
  • Units that are currently available for sale

These reports are most useful when a shared revenue agreement has been reached.


Equipment that has been collected from customers site will be taken to a single, central location in that region. PartServe accepts full responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment that has not yet been paid for.

Some of the companies we have done Asset recovery with include the following: